Shawn Chrystopher – The Audition [FreEP]

March 23, 2010

Excellent piece of work here, a huge contrast to A City With No Seasons. He was trying to separate himself from the huge amount of westcoast rappers out, so he took a huge left. Now, he felt prepared to showcase all his rap skills — it was really refreshing to hear. He showed he was an excellent rapper with his mixtape series, I was just waiting to hear him actually put out a solid project. This, top to bottom, was really cool — sounded like he was really enjoying himself and having fun. Download link below,track listing after the jump.

Shawn Chrystopher – The Audition

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Obama Signs Landmark Health Care Bill

March 23, 2010


How y’all feel about this?

Andrew Schoultz Crisis at Jerome Zodo Contemporary Gallery

March 23, 2010

This exibit looks like the day after, really cool stuff — he must’ve enjoyed creating these pieces off art.

via slamxhype

Artist Andrew Schoultz recently opened his new show Crisis in Milan at Jerome Zodo Contemporary gallery on the 11th of March 2010. Running through until the end of April, the show includes huge scale installations of crumbling walls, telephone poles and wires, large, blocked murals made up from smaller squared images.

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Dunderdon Autumn/Winter 2010 Bags

March 23, 2010

These bags are for someone who works a 9-5 but still wants to show out, it’s very subtle but that’s what makes this an excellent find.

via Selectism

Here’s a quick gander at Dunderdon’s forthcoming AW10 bag collection. As you’d expect from the workwear company (who make workwear you can actually do outdoorsy stuff in) the bags are made from a rugged canvas and come in weekender (pictured), tote and washbag variations. There’s even a wallet for the folks who like all their accessories to coordinate.

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Nintendo 3DS Will Boast Glasses-Free 3-D [Coming Soon]

March 23, 2010

This is pretty cool, I thought by 2000 we’d have flying cars and live like the Jetsons but in 2010 we’re just now getting 3-D game consoles haha no worries.

via wired

Nintendo’s next portable game machine will be called “Nintendo 3DS” and feature 3-D graphics, the company said Tuesday morning.

The new handheld game platform will feature a 3-D display that does not require the use of glasses. It will be released in Japan before March 2011. Nintendo 3DS will be compatible with Nintendo DS and DSi software, the company said.

Nintendo will reveal more information about 3DS at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles this June.

The Nintendo 3DS is a next-generation portable game machine, a successor to the current line of products. The first Nintendo DS was released in 2004. On March 28, Nintendo will release the latest (and apparently last) in the line of original DS players, the DSi XL, in the U.S.

Skateboard P x Moncler Outerwear Collection

March 18, 2010

This is a huge step for hip hop, anytime a brand such as Moncler allows someone from our world — like Pharrell — into a big deal. These pieces are crazy as well! The vests are killer.

Seen here are outerwear pieces from the upcoming collection by Moncler, of course designed by renaissance man Pharrell Williams. This latest preview shows off several designs, including a down jacket and down vest, along with three other stylized vest options. All take on a dark color aesthetic, highlighted with a print by Japanese artist Keita Sugiura and fabric made out of Bionic Yarn. Look for these to release during this year’s Fall/Winter season.

via Hypebeast

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Tony Mega – Add Water

March 18, 2010

The record is pretty cool. I’ve been working with this guy since sophmore year, he’s grown so much musically. The talent is there , for example, that first verse is amazing. He could have gotten someone to sing the hook but its durable.  Self-produced, it has an alternative feel to it, a Theophilus London feel..but it still gives you the thump when your riding around. Always room for improvement, this is a good step forward though.