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via WaleDC & Hypebeast

“So I wanted to make a mixtape that was different than any of my previous mixtapes. Paint A Picture and Hate Is The New Love were my first two when I was just the young, hungry rapper from MD by way of DC. I was just trying to show I could spit. I truthfully had no direction, I just wanted people to hear me. 100 Miles & Running was after I hired a manager and linked up with Catchdubs, so we went about creating something a little more cohesive showing I could create “intelligent” rap but it was just my mellow mood; some chill shit. The Mixtape About Nothing was showing that I could do a concept album/mixtape. I appreciate the love and critical acclaim I have gotten for it but Back To The Feature is taking it back to the fun days in hip hop when artists worked with each other for the love and not for the checks or politics. It’s an easy listen; no controversy, no dramatic records. It’s pure hip hop from artists that love to listen to. It’s collaborations with me and other artists like Joe Budden, Currensy, Joell Ortiz, Tre frm UCB, Drake, Bun B, J Cole, Talib Kweli, Royce the 5′9″, XO, Kenn Starr and many others. “

i can’t wait for this sh[x]t.!
this will keep everyone from going crazy [till the album drops] lol
his Twitter [only] releases are [pretty] cool [as well]
its [def] helping both sides, well enough about what i think
he’s the link you want [so] much lol

Word [Play]


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