A [Love] Supreme

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U-N-I’s Watermelon N Fried Chicken was an album, i think[but]
A Love Supreme was nice from start to finish,
from “My Life” to “A Love Supreme”
these cats [def] created a classic record[!]
branching away from the [typical]
Westcoast [gangster] rap but [still] remaining true to the relaxed
beats we’re [so] used to hearing on the Left coast[..] this [free] album
was a being worked on for quite sometime N they have a grasp
on their sound [IMO] U-N-I is definately one of the MANY cats in Cali
representing, but it looks like they’ll be the one to blow up [first]
for sure[!] the [Cali] scene is less about gang-banging [now] N more
about the [everyday] struggle[..]


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