From the [Fish] Bowel

Thats me[!] lol Hello everyone, I’m Fisha
I feel like rambling [so] I will., I did terrible on my speech today
Blah, i had no heart in it [at all]
I [also] know that no one will believe what i say
Right now, I’m apart of a collection of people trying to make it BIG[!!]
everyone wants to do that[..] im prepared for it, i got the heart for it
its something i LOVE,MUSIC b[x]tches lol I feel that I’m talented [but]
I’m [also] competing with people who are [just] as good [or better]
Rowe Stussy is DOPE[!] he’s def an inspiration, i seen him do a song
without writing sh[x]t down, i was like “WTF do you see that sh[x]t”
Tony Mega is [also] nice he’s [still] growing though[..] I’m helping him
develop [before he gets BIG] Well i forgot [about me]
lol hopefullly good things come to me
i know i have talent i [jus] need to hone it [correctly]
well thats all from Fish[..] signing off[!]


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