Soul [on Bikes] N Black [on Chrome]

via theselvedgeyard
vintagent N Onyx Rider

Wish i found this during [black] history month [!]
Never thought African Americans had [so] much history [with Bikes]
Like Tobie [Gene,] who was head of the [East Bay] Dragon MC
was associated with Sonny [Barger,] head of Hells Angels [late 50s]
Or that the [Tuskegee] Airmen
thought motorcycles were the [only] thing
that could give them as much thrills [as flying the P-51 Mustangs]
I [always] thought motorcycles were cool
[never] knew [African] Americans were involved [..]

Lastly, I [dont] know who Ben Hardy is
or how significant the Movie Easy Rider is to motorcycling [but]
he was the man who created one of the [most] iconic bikes [ever] Captain America

early Biker [during the 50s]

East [Bay] Riders [MC] during the 60s


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