Obey x Levi’s [09] F/W Collection

In June I [actually] went to an [Obey] Exhibit with Raw Arts ! Shepard Fairey’s whole concept behind Andre [the Giant] and the word obey is so in-depth. What you Obey, why you obey it, who you obey; I believe Andre [the Giant] represents Goliath [in a sense] and Shepard injects him into ANYTHING he feels we “obey”  because who’s going to oppose a giant [?] I really enjoyed going to see his work.


Now this collab with Levi is CRAZY !

Shepard Fairey’s Obey clothing brand teams up with Levi’s on an upcoming capsule. This marks another collaborative venture from Levi’s who recently has sourced other notables in the realm of fashion and art. The collection includes various pieces inspired by Fairey’s own experiences with Levi’s denim. The collection includes two pairs of denim in the 511 and 514 cut, two denim jackets, a flannel shirt and three t-shirts. Prices will range from $34.50 USD – $148 USD and will be available on October 29th.


One Response to Obey x Levi’s [09] F/W Collection

  1. Axel says:

    The face looks more like Nixon than Andre to me.

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