Skateboard P x Moncler Outerwear Collection

March 18, 2010

This is a huge step for hip hop, anytime a brand such as Moncler allows someone from our world — like Pharrell — into a big deal. These pieces are crazy as well! The vests are killer.

Seen here are outerwear pieces from the upcoming collection by Moncler, of course designed by renaissance man Pharrell Williams. This latest preview shows off several designs, including a down jacket and down vest, along with three other stylized vest options. All take on a dark color aesthetic, highlighted with a print by Japanese artist Keita Sugiura and fabric made out of Bionic Yarn. Look for these to release during this year’s Fall/Winter season.

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Wednesday Garden x cassette [tape] notebook

December 6, 2009

 thailand-based studio wednesday garden has designed the cassette tape notebook,a writing pad which is the actual size of an audio cassette. each notebook comes packaged in its own original clear cassette tape box. they are available in four different designs and have 100 pages for recording the important stuff.

via design boom

really cool notebooks here, If I see one I’m making sure I leave with it lol very creative idea.

Antonio Azzulo

November 15, 2009

This designer can whip up some excellent pieces of clothing !

Prior to launching a. a., Antonio Azzuolo served as design director for Ralph Lauren Purple and Black Label, where he dedicated his time to concept and design. Earlier, Azzuolo worked for over ten years at high-end New York and Parisian design institutions such as Hermès and Kenzo.
Having worked in such diverse environment within the fashion industry, Azzuolo brings to his a. a. line a cultivated design and luxury goods aesthetic as well as a market-driven methodology of work.

A native of Montreal, Azzuolo graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto, where he received his B.A.A. in Apparel Design with a specialization in Men’s Tailoring. After graduation, Azzuolo moved to Milan, from where he participated in and won first place in the menswear category at the “Festival des Jeunes Stylistes de Hyères”. This award presented him with an opportunity to relocate to Paris where he launched his professional career.

More info @ A.A.

Anntian [Phase] Spring 2010

October 24, 2009

Approaching the spring season, Anntian duo Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt up the ante once more, reinterpreting their signature mix of patterns in a light easygoing collection. Balancing oversize looks with expert draping, the range takes on comfort and style in one go. Dressed in a combination of stripes and sponged prints, simple slouchy tees and trousers take a backseat to great jackets and knits. From an organic origin of creativity, Hilken and Kurt once again deliver a range that is both special and unique.

Courtesy of Fashionisto, this brand has a collage feel to it, I like the misdirection it showcases when I’m looking at it. Definately a “neck-breaker” walking down the street [somewhere]  There’s suppose to be a story behind each season ; this season’s labeled PHASE, I wonder what that means hmm

Tree Bookshelf

October 20, 2009

via Fubiz

A superb rack and library thought by the Korean designer Shawn Soh. The principle: the books all are set out again on the various branches of the tree which was designed entirely out of steel. A concept very successful to discover in the continuation.

Thought this was pretty cool, gave the [book]shelf a more [natural] look haha. Having this in your house/apartment makes you feel that you are wondering in the woods [somewhere] it’d be a great piece of work to have in your household.


Minimalist [Desert House] Design

October 11, 2009

via digsdigs

Tubac house is located in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. It’s one of several houses in deserts designed by Rick Joy. Even though the house looks quite modest it’s beautiful and eye-catching. Like usual houses it has a garden and a courtyard but plants there are cactuses. The whole cactus is looks like oasis because of its cool dark areas, the sound of water, the smell of flowers and so on. It features a cropped view of Tumacacaori Park which is located near by. A negative edge pool located at the west end of the courtyard extends the experience to this view. The coarseness of the rough steel exterior contrasts with the refinement of the interior palette of white plaster, stainless steel, maple, and translucent glass. Protruding steel box windows forms penetrate the building in apparently random but carefully selected locations to frame specific views of lightning storms and distant mountain ranges.

The Marino 52

October 11, 2009

Step into the Alfra Vico Luxury Motor Yacht Marino 52, and you’re sure to be floored by its stunningly simple design and interiors. Boasting of modern gadgetry to make sure you kiss high-speeds effortlessly, the yacht is envisioned as ‘motion art’ of the highest echelon. From the cleats to the projectile anchor, to the convertible exterior lounge-sofas/daybeds, to the fully computer-controlled helm station, the Marino 52 screams extravagance! We also discovered that Alfra Vico opted to invent and purpose-build new patent-pending electronic control systems, mechanizations, cleats, and other essential functional elements.

Designers : Barrett Prelogar & Franco Marino Cagnina

How sick is this [!?]  saw this @ yankodesign more info here