Dunderdon Autumn/Winter 2010 Bags

March 23, 2010

These bags are for someone who works a 9-5 but still wants to show out, it’s very subtle but that’s what makes this an excellent find.

via Selectism

Here’s a quick gander at Dunderdon’s forthcoming AW10 bag collection. As you’d expect from the workwear company (who make workwear you can actually do outdoorsy stuff in) the bags are made from a rugged canvas and come in weekender (pictured), tote and washbag variations. There’s even a wallet for the folks who like all their accessories to coordinate.

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Air Jordan 6 “Infrared” Pack [v] Air Jordan 1 “AJKO” Pack

March 18, 2010

The same red/black/white color ways on different shoes.I really want both packs but I can’t see myself buying the same color shoes — just because. This is a really tough choice both packages are TOUGH! I’m learning towards the AJKO package, they look more like my style. The 6s are ill , can’t go wrong with those, but if I HAVE to choose its the 1s. I also hate the sole on the 6, the fact it turns yellow and you can’t do anything about it pisses me off! I was in the computer lab thinking this up haha — What’s your preference?


March 16, 2010

Check out Unconditional’s A/W collection for 2010 , the silhouettes are really nice, the use of black,grey, and white is real cunning. There’s an edge to the clothing that sets it apart a little, I’m really into clothing that forces you to give a second look. It’s almost rock-esque , it allows you to stand out w/o too much color , really nice stuff .

Louis Vuitton: F/W 2010 Womenswear Collection [Part 1 & 2] [Video]

March 16, 2010

Thanks to Fluxury B , here’s a look at Louis Vuitton’s F/W womenswear collection for 2010. It’s almost a 1920s feel, the clothing, the scenery, the music…EVERYTHING! It looks conservative but remember that this is the 20s we’re talking about here. The genius of Marc Jacobs never seizes  to amaze me.

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Anntian [Phase] Spring 2010

October 24, 2009

Approaching the spring season, Anntian duo Anne Hilken and Christian Kurt up the ante once more, reinterpreting their signature mix of patterns in a light easygoing collection. Balancing oversize looks with expert draping, the range takes on comfort and style in one go. Dressed in a combination of stripes and sponged prints, simple slouchy tees and trousers take a backseat to great jackets and knits. From an organic origin of creativity, Hilken and Kurt once again deliver a range that is both special and unique.

Courtesy of Fashionisto, this brand has a collage feel to it, I like the misdirection it showcases when I’m looking at it. Definately a “neck-breaker” walking down the street [somewhere]  There’s suppose to be a story behind each season ; this season’s labeled PHASE, I wonder what that means hmm

Kanye West “Pasttell [Museum] Collection”

October 12, 2009

Its [finally] here ! A tease for the long-awaited Past.Tell line [by Kanye West] This has been hyped up for years now and to see actual press for it is [kinda] refreshing. Hopefully it comes out soon and isn’t expensive [both of those arent happening] The Paige jacket is a must as is the tiger hoodie. More pics below, thank blacknouveau for the heads up

Paolo Pecora Milano [F/W] 09|10

October 11, 2009

Mensrag never fails to put dope fashion out in the open for every to see. This collection of clothes has a luxury look to it, but [also] maintains the street wear aspect.  The pictures show the model dining in high-end areas, and he doesn’t look out of place. Paolo Pecora Milano is a clothing line that you’d wear [not] to stunt on people but to look great while on the go.

More info via PPM