Dunderdon Autumn/Winter 2010 Bags

March 23, 2010

These bags are for someone who works a 9-5 but still wants to show out, it’s very subtle but that’s what makes this an excellent find.

via Selectism

Here’s a quick gander at Dunderdon’s forthcoming AW10 bag collection. As you’d expect from the workwear company (who make workwear you can actually do outdoorsy stuff in) the bags are made from a rugged canvas and come in weekender (pictured), tote and washbag variations. There’s even a wallet for the folks who like all their accessories to coordinate.

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March 16, 2010

Check out Unconditional’s A/W collection for 2010 , the silhouettes are really nice, the use of black,grey, and white is real cunning. There’s an edge to the clothing that sets it apart a little, I’m really into clothing that forces you to give a second look. It’s almost rock-esque , it allows you to stand out w/o too much color , really nice stuff .

So-Me x Revolver [F/W] 09

October 4, 2009

Instituting the artwork of Parisian artist So-Me, Japanese label Revolver releases their Fall/Winter Collection. The new season offers much of the same graphic designs in colorful options we well as as fleece crewnecks and a number of jewelry pieces. All can be purchased directly through the Cool Cats webstore.

saw this @ hypebeast

Burberry Lifestyle [A/W] 09

October 4, 2009

I wanted to post this yesterday [badly] but never got to it.  the clothes  have an edge to it. I love it ! The model brings out even more out of the clothes as well. He has a really cold look to him, which compliments the clothes. This year’s [A/W] has an “in your face” look to it , I enjoy it  via selectism

Nom [de] Guerre F/W [09]

July 20, 2009

Who cares about gloves right [?] wrong, these are very warm [wool] . The concept was “survival” and it fits the mold : Heavy coats [wool] dull colors. The gloves stood out for me because i feel they could add a little personality to any outfit you’re sporting. More pics below via highsnobiety

North [Hoolywood] fall/winter [collection]

March 24, 2009

via hypebeast

Never [really] heard of hoolywood [until now]
but i like how it looks! the style is different N out there
its not [just] t-shirts and fitted hats, its actually clothing.!
Why is Japanese clothing [so] dope[?] i love their culture
maybe i should go there [one day] i think i will[!]
can’t I dream[?] yes i can
more pics below